The role of Western Iowa Development Association is to facilitate economic opportunity, business success, community engagement, prosperity and quality of life for rural western Iowa. Our primary functions are to provide services that are effective to both its business members and the communities as a whole and to act as a voice for the business and professional community.


Kevin Zimmerman

Vice President
​Mike Holton

Golden Hills RC&D Representative
Cara Morgan

Shelby Representative
Ron Kroll

Treynor Representative
Allen Hadfield

Board of Supervisors Representatives
Brian Shea and Susan Miller

Kevin Zimmerman

Vice President
​Mike Holton

Avoca Representative
Amber Mohr

Carson Representatives
Randall Cody / Cala Hough / Adam Houser / Joe Riddle

Council Bluffs Representative
Scott Belt

​Crescent Representative
Chuck Hildreth / Brian Shea

Hancock Representative
Lynn Grobe / Steve Guyer

​Macedonia Representative
Susan Goos / Gary Wax

​McClelland Representative
Mitch Kay

Minden Representative
Kevin Zimmerman

Nishna Valley REC/Western Ventures Representative
Norm Fandel

Oakland Representative
Pat Newberg

Shelby Representative
Ron Kroll

​Treynor Representative
Mike Holton

Underwood Representative
Dennis Bardsley / Cindy Sorlein

Walnut Representative
Trace Frahm

Golden Hills RC&D Representatives
Lance Brisbois / Michelle Franks



Your business membership with us indicates your desire to help our organization grow and work together to meet certain civic and business goals. It also indicates your commitment to be heard, have a voice, and make a difference in our rural communities.

Thank you to the Pottawattamie County Board of Supervisors for their generous support and funding that allows us to continue our work in Western Iowa!

  • a bit of Iowa
  • Farm Bureau – Pete Sorenson
  • Frosting, Inc.
  • Keast Chevrolet
  • Martens Lawn Care
  • OmniTel Communications
  • Penny’s Visions Art Gallery
  • Community Foundation Western Iowa
  • Prairie Crossing Winery
  • The Finish Line Car Wash
  • TiNik, Inc.
  • Treynor Java Supply
  • Minden Meat Market
  • Hodges Smokehouse Caterin
  • Dairy Queen of Oakland
  • Arbor Bank
  • Neola Area Community Center
  • Destination Coffee & Cuisine
  • Honey Creek Creamery
  • The Home Agency
  • The Occasional Collective
  • Olesen Auto Center
  • Hamilton Financial Services
  • The Unique Boutique Iowa
  • Avoca Main Street, Inc.
  • Hummel Insurance Services
  • Iowa Western Community College
  • Marne Elk Horn
  • Oakland Industrial Foundation
  • Rolling Hills Bank & Trust
  • Shannon M. Sorensen Real Estate
  • Total Farm Solutions
  • Golden Hills RC&D
  • Pottawattamie Countywide Tourism Promotion Committee
    – Golden Hills RC&D
    – Pottawattamie County Conservation
    – Macedonia Historical Society
    – Nishna Heritage Museum
    – Sweet Vale of Avoca Museum
    – Walnut Historical Society
    – Pottawattamie County Board of Supervisors
    – Council Bluffs Convention & Visitors Bureau (Unleash CB/Wattaway)
    – Western Iowa Development Association
  • Western Ventures, Inc.